Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Pope Speaks: Why He Really Wore the Camauro

Reporters really like to make a big deal out of Pope Benedict XVI's fashion choices, from his shoes to his hats. In 2005, the Holy Father donned the camauro, a winter head covering that was last worn by Pope John XXIII, which caused a small media commotion.  BBC News called him the "Santa Pope" and interpreted the move as a seasonal fashion statement. "Although missing Father Christmas' trademark white furry bobble, the pope's timely discovery of the long-forgotten camauro seemed as much a nod to the season as to the chilly weather," said BBC reporters. In Light of the World, however, the Pope begs to differ:

"I wore it [the camauro] only once. I was cold, and I happen to have a sensitive head. And I said, since the camauro is there, then let's put it on. But I was really just trying to fight off the cold. I haven't put it on again since. In order to forestall over-interpretation." 

It's funny how the media can generate so much hype based on a last-minute, practical decision, isn't it? He was just cold, people!

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